Monthly 2018

Minute Movies Monthly: January 2018
1 minute & 45 seconds

After a 2-year hiatus, I am back in the saddle with Minute Movies Monthly. Making quick monthly videos out of my daily Minute Movies. In January I stuck around the Pacific Northwest, mainly in Portland with a trip to Mt. Hood to ski and a trip to the coast to sauna.

Minute Movies Monthly: February 2018
1 minute & 8 seconds

Snowpocalypse in Portland.

Minute Movies Monthly: March 2018
2 minutes & 7 seconds

Minute Movies Monthly: April 2018
58 seconds

Hot springs and other banal adventures. Cruising around: Albuquerque, New Mexico + Jemez Springs, New Mexico + Ojo Cliente, New Mexico + Truth or Consequences, New Mexico + Tucson, Arizona + route 395 east of the Sierras + Travertine Hot Springs, California + Summer Lake Hot Springs, Oregon + Portland, Oregon + Tacoma area, Washington. GOOD MONTH.

Minute Movies Monthly: May 2018
58 seconds

I was a bit checked out, preoccupied with other things this month. I was mainly in Portland.

Minute Movies Monthly: June 2018
58 seconds

Travelled to conferences in Silver Falls, Oregon and Detroit, Michigan. Otherwise hung around Portland.